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About The NFCM Network:

In January of 2011 the NFCM launched it's newest initiative-the NFCM Network.  The Network is a private social networking site designed to bring Catholic men around the globe into closer contact with each other to fulfill our mission of evangelizing the world.  This unprecedented ability to communicate and collaborate in a real time manner is invaluable as we seek to impact our cultures for Christ and the Catholic Church.

The Network will allow for open personal membership by individual Catholic men on a global scale.  We also hope this site becomes usesful for any Catholic Diocesan Men's Ministry, Conference Group, Fellowship Group, or Men's Apostolate that seeks to minister to the issues and/or needs of Catholic men. 

The purpose of the Network is to offer a technological framework to assist men and various groups in building interactive faith communities-both local and global.  Unlike existing public social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter-the NFCM Network is private and free of any immoral messaging, groups or agendas.  Further, by being private we provide more security and less chance of identity theft, security raids and other such problems with public social network. This 21st century tool will allow for communities to develop and thrive either in real groups or virtual groups.

The Network also accomodates web 2.0 rich media opportunties for videostreaming, mobile media downloads, and much more.

The Network is free  to individuals but requires you to REGISTER separately from being an NFCM member. Also, to financially continue offering this 21st century resource we do request that each prayerfully consider a donation to the NFCM. Information on Membership Benefits and Definitions for suggested donations can be found under NFCM and clicking on Membership Information.

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Our thanks to the following individuals, Chapters and Apostolates who have donated to the NFCM Network Vision:  

($5000 or more donation)
Chris Carroll

GOLD MEMBERS  ($1000 or more donated)
Kansas City Catholic Men's Fellowship
Worcester Catholic Men's Fellowship
Columbus Catholic Men's Fellowship
Memphis Catholic Men's Fellowship

SILVER MEMBERS ($500-999 donation)
NE Ohio Catholic Men's Fellowship

BRONZE MEMBERS ($100-499 annual donation)