Annual Catholic Men's National Day of Prayer

7th Annual
Catholic Men's National Day of Prayer
March 19, 2014

The Catholic Men's National Day of Prayer on the Solemnity of St. Joseph was originally conceived as an activity that would serve to bring men from every state together in a deeper personal and collective commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church. St. Joseph was a spouse, parent, worker and faithful man of God.  All roles we can relate to as men.

Why St. Joseph?
St. Joseph is the man God ordained to be both protector and provider to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He represents the saintly integration of faith in both his private and public life. For him, there was no conflict between the sacred roles of believer, spouse, parent and worker. He is a perfect example of a fully integrated man and, therefore, a perfect model of our lay vocation and what each of us is called to be.

What Do We Pray For?
- For every man to heed Christ's call to personal conversion.
- For every man to become a transformed disciple of Jesus.
- For every Catholic man to fully actualize his vocational state of life calling.
- For every married man to love his wife and children as Christ loved the Church.
- For every ordained and religious man to serve Christ and His Church in accord
   with his specific vocation
- For every man to embrace, proclaim and exemplify the truth of the Gospel in his
   home, parish, workplace and community.

When Will We Pray Together?
- Mass in the morning - followed by Litany Of St. Joseph
- Prayer at Noontime - the Angelus
- Night prayer - With your spouse and kids/grandkids
- Throughout the day for the various listed intentions

Suggested Additional Activities
- Say a rosary
- Offer your work to Our Lord
- Perform Spiritual or Corporal Works of Mercy